Nick Turani Came Up With An Insanely Creative Game That Resulted In A Yak Host Nearly Barfing

Friday was noun drink day. We all got assigned a noun via a random generator and made a cocktail based around that noun. It was pretty fun trying all the different creations, but for Nick's, he wanted to get us moving, so he concocted a game in which we had to:

- Pop a falling balloon with two (very real) swords of war

- Get the clue that was inside the balloon and to a charade to get us to get the clue

- *If the group was unable to answer it in under a minute, you would then have to draw your clue out on microsoft paint on TJ's computer

- Once completed, you'd have to drink a shot of vodka off of a paper plate. If any vodka spilled, you'd get a :10 second penalty

We competed against each other to see who'd have the best and worst scores.

It was a ton of fun, but we learned Tate isn't exactly a Microsoft Paint guy.

But the slowest performance of the day went to our guy Mook. Let's just say he had a tough time with the vodka shot.

Be sure to order your 4th of July gear to get it for the holiday.

And check out Friday's full Yak here: