Francesco Molinari Needed An Ace On 18 To Make The Cut At The US Open And He Nailed It!


That's unbelievable. Like, what...1 in a million? I'm not going to look up hole in one odds, but to make the cut at the US Open and needing an ace, that's gotta be 1 in infinite. I gotta know if he knew in the moment what was riding on it, because the pressure that comes with that swing must've felt like a 10,000 pound weight on his shoulders. And he nailed it. To hit the perfect spot and get the perfect roll, it's all so insane I might just keep typing these same words 4 more times until I can wrap my head around it.

Now for some reason golf still refuses to put payouts on the screen. Really wish golf showed how much a golfer stands to make, especially in the final round, if he makes a birdie instead of a par. Some of these swings have 6-figs riding on them. Molinari making the cut went from $10k for showing up to a mincash of $42,000. So as of right now that ace was worth $32k. Based on how he plays the rest of the tournament, that one in a zillion shot could end up being a 6 figure or possibly even a 7 figure swing. Life changing shit. I know who I'm rooting for the rest of the way. 2 inches to the left and his whole life is different. What a wild world we live in.