Wells Fargo Has Fired More Than A Dozen Remote Employees For Using Mouse Jiggling Devices To Fake Like They Were Working

So the way this story goes is that Wells Fargo decided to fire more than a dozen people who were caught using devices to appear like they were on their computer, when in reality, it was just a machine that moves your mouse every once in a while to keep your device from going to sleep. Before I give my take on this matter, let me say this: what an incredible invention. A dude eats a bat and the entire world gets to work from home, so instead of taking advantage of no longer having a commute and putting your newfound time towards your hobbies and/or your family, some genius constructed a "mouse jiggler" that makes it appear like you're working. When life gives you an opportunity to work less, find a way to work even less. Genius.

Unfortunately for this Dirty Dozen of bad boys that used the device, Wells Fargo disagrees:

"Wells Fargo holds employees to the highest standards and does not tolerate unethical behavior."

Oh, give me a fucking break! Highest standards? Unethical behavior? No, let's not talk about the schemes and frauds that Wells Fargo has on its rap sheet at the highest level....let's talk about the low level employees that we have under a microscope, tracking their keystrokes to make sure they're work. And if they're not (or faking it), unethical!

Look, if you want to know what your employees are doing 24/7, then make them come into the office. But if you're going to let them work from home, why are you keeping an eye on them or their computers? And that's honestly my stance on 99% of this story. What's it to Wells Fargo if their employees are making breakfast while using a mouse jiggler? As long as the work gets done, who cares if they're taking their dogs on walks and dropping their kids off at the babysitter could you possibly watch your own children when you have to WORK! Now, obviously this completely changes if this crew was using the device for full days at a time, doing things like taking vacations or going to the bar. But  if the work is getting done, the work is getting done. It's on Wells Fargo for tracking your time on the computer that forced them to use the mouse jiggles in the first place.

Okay, blog over. But in the post show, can we all quietly agree this narrative that Work From Home is more productive than being in the office is complete bullshit? If I were a work from home employee, I'd certainly say the same thing. But this is a safe space here….more productive is a code word for easier to get other things done outside of work. When you're at work, you have to focus on work. But when you work from home, you can focus on ESPN, making food, playing games, and all these other things will you "work".