Matt Barnes And Stephen Jackson Identify The Differences Between A Functional And Dysfunctional NBA Organization

On today's Pardon My Take... MATT BARNES AND STEPHEN JACKSON! The former NBA players and current co-hosts joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to talk about their careers in the NBA, their podcast success, having too many crazy people on one team, coaching in the NBA, and tons more.

Among the 30 organizations in the NBA, it is no secret that some teams have a better reputation than others. You think of the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, and there are coaches and executives who have won championships, uphold a culture that prioritizes winning, and much more. 

And on the flip side, there are some teams who have endured some tough seasons, PR disasters, and other things that have gone wrong. So, what are the differences between a functional and dysfunctional NBA organization? Barnes and Jackson gave their thoughts on today's show. 

Guys practicing on off days. Families getting flown out for big games via PJ. The list goes on and on. And these guys would know. They each have made PLENTY of stops around the NBA. First, let's look at Barnes...

That's a lot of games on a lot of teams with a lot of different personalities and cultures. Now, we look at Stephen Jackson's career map…

Started with the La Crosse Bobcats, now he's an NBA Champion. This was a fantastic interview with Barnes and Jackson. You can check out their podcast below: