Always Be Ready: Portugal's Goalie Jose Sa Laid Out Some Jackass Who Tried Running Onto The Field During Their Practice

Who said soccer isn't physical? This is a damn near perfect tackle like a safety flying from the other side of the field. You can't even see Jose Sa coming until the green keeper jersey appears. This is what should happen though. Too many times some jackass runs onto the field and everyone freezes. It's time for athletes to take matters into their own hands. Pretty sure anyone with a brain would understand you can't get in trouble protecting yourself on the field. Doesn't even matter if it's practice. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. 

This is what backup keepers should be doing. You hardly get any time on the field, start being the guy to deliver tackles to pitch invaders. You never know when they are coming, you gotta be prepared. It's the perfect role. Eyes are always wandering, you gotta make sure you see where everyone is on the field, so you shouldn't miss some asshat here. Do hate that the video cut off on the takedown, we should be allowed to see the aftermath. 

Even Roger can't be mad at this. No hip drop. No leading with the head. Wrap up and throw down. Only complaint would be to stay wrapped up longer, can't risk a weaker toss and let them keep their feet. Great start to a month long of international soccer. Perfect for the summer. 

PS: Hate to give Ronaldo credit, but smart to keep this guy by your side. We know Ronaldo ain't doing anything if someone comes on the field.