Confession: Bryson Has Won Me Over. I Now Realize How Much Better Golf Is With Him Around The Top Of Leaderboards

I don't know when it officially happened - maybe the PGA even though I was cheering for Xander - but I realize as I'm sitting here watching round 2 of the US Open, I'm a Bryson guy now. The answer is simple - golf is better when he's around the top of these leaderboards. He's been top-10 in the first two majors and he's still doing it here at the US Open. Maybe it's the fact he stopped saying weird shit all the time and just embraced being the nerdy, weird guy who also hits the ball a mile and figured out some putting. I can't stop laughing at this graphic: 

Don't get me wrong, he still does weird shit, but he's at least self-aware. I mean this video sort of sums him up perfectly. 

He went from being this jacked dude with bizarre workout videos to just a goofball. Good! That's what golf needs. We need more personalities. I'm not even a huge anti-Cantlay guy by any means, but I know why people are out on him. Imagine if we get Bryson vs Cantlay on Sunday, two complete opposites. I don't even think it's outlandish to say most people have switched to embracing Bryson. I mean the dude is out here giving Sunday fist pumps on a Friday. The US Open will do that to you.


Golf can be boring, I get it. A lot of these guys play similar. Give me the one dude who is trying to drive greens, hit weird clubs that make no sense to me. It's better when someone like that is in the mix. I've come to that realization and now have no choice but to admit it. I'm a Bryson guy now. Ready for him to be on the Ryder Cup team next year.