German Police Have Warned English Fans Not To Do The "10 German Bombers" World War II Chant During This Summer's European Championship

80 years later and the Germans are still butthurt. You aren't allowed to make the rules after losing back to back World Wars. England was toast without the U.S (and lowkey Red Army). But they get to make chants about having a superior air force. Soccer is lame but football culture is pretty damn awesome. The chants are A1 and this one about the British shooting German bombers out the air is one of the best. The Germans said they would arrest the British chanting this is ridiculous. 

If the Germans weren't so upset they would simply reply with the chant "Lizzy's in a box".

That is how you combat chanting by opposing fans. The chant even plays well in certain parts of  England such as Liverpool. 

This just reinforces the idea that Germans legit have 0 sense of humor. Let the tattooed Dana Whites get hammered and sing funny songs, its hilarious 


I was never going to pay attention to the Euros but now I might have to in order to see how all this plays out.