People Are Saying That Ryan Day Cussed Out The Recruiting Director Leaving His Staff As She Told Him She Was Going To Michigan

So I made my point loud and clear on Wednesday on how I feel about Erin Dunston, as well as Tony Alford and Roddy Gayle, leaving Ohio State for Michigan. But it's not just where she left for (even though it's all I needed to hear), it's how and when she left. She's the Assistant Athletic Director for Football Recruiting and we're in the middle of Official Visits. This is literally the most important time for her position, and she left Ohio State high and dry.....after Ohio State literally gave her anything and everything she wanted. I mean, there's nothing wrong with trying to move up in the profession, but she knew damn well what the reaction would be if she talked to and/or interviewed for a position at Michigan. So she kept it quiet. And then she blindsided Ryan Day and the entire staff by walking into his the midst of a monster recruiting time for the program.....and told him, hey, I've ACCEPTED a position at Michigan and am starting this week.

^ The fix was in. She knew exactly what it was doing, keeping her plan behind the backs of the very people she worked with. And from seeing the type of person she has shown to be, I wouldn't put it past her or those cheating scumbags in Ann Arbor to have had this lined up for weeks, only to have her gather intel that would hurt the Buckeyes when she finally told Ryan Day.

Anyways, and I wouldn't do this from a message board unless I also had some information that I found to be pertinent, the word on the street is that Ryan Day wasn't too kind in his wishes on Erin's future endeavors.

Let me say this: "cussed her out" is subjective. Did Ryan Day chase her down the hall telling her she's a dumb bitch as she carried her shit out? Come on now, let's not paint that narrative (but holy fuck I'd love that). But did he thank for her service in Columbus? Ummm, no, I think it's safe to say that he didn't. I also think it's safe to say that a "get the fuck out of my office" as he calls security to escort her from the building is likely what happened.

And now we've got all the whiny Walmart Wolverines on the internet saying that Ryan Day is a big meanie, yelling at old Lou Holtz and now female Erin Dunston.

Shutttttt the fuckkkkkk up. What was he supposed to do? And let's not act like the parting message would've been happy if this happened in Ann Arbor either. I hope Ryan lit her ass up until she cried. And he should've? He's got his entire career and reputation on the line, seeing as the whole world has painted him as the guy who can't beat Michigan….and she just blindsided him to go there. There are consequences to your actions, and I don't give a fuck if she's a girl. She's a grown ass lady that knew exactly what she was doing, and she committed treason. Treason is punishable by death. And we're supposed to feel bad that she got a little ass chewing? THIS is the happiest I've been with Ryan Day since November 30th, 2019. 


Good start, Coach. Keep the positive momentum rolling. 

^ And as of this morning, it seems like we're still recruiting just fine.