It's The Offseason But The Knicks And Pacers Are Still At War: Tyrese Haliburton and Josh Hart Get Into A Bad Fashion-Off On Instagram

It's the offseason, but the Knicks and Pacers are still at war. Last night, Tyrese Haliburton decided to do a photo dump on Instagram with the caption - End of Chapter 4

Kind of a strange time to commemorate the end of his 4th NBA season when your last game was 2.5 weeks ago, and there is still at least one more game to be played in the NBA finals, BUT whatever, it's harmless. Go off king, get that serotonin rush from likes whenever you need it. 

An hour after the post went up, Indiana's biggest hater, Josh Hart, decided to lob a frag grenade of literal trash talk on the timeline with a comment on Haliburton's post ...

TRASH FITS!?!?! Shots fired!!! Nothing better for a sports rivalry than when the team's take shots at each other off the court. These guys are supposed to be taking it easy, relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere, but there is no offseason for pure, unbridled hatred toward your rival. It's trench warfare 24/7 - 365.  

I don't expect Josh Hart to understand high fashion. He's a simple guy, with a simple brain that can only comprehend fart jokes. Meanwhile, classy, elegant, galaxy brained Tyrese Haliburton is 100 steps ahead of the curve. Hey, Josh, you fucking idiot. They are called statement sleeves. A NYC bus stop is advertising them, so even with your level of culture, you should have heard about them by now. 

Wow. That look. Brave. Fearless. That's what you want out of your leader. Setting the trends, not following the crowd like the pathetic sheep that is Josh Hart. 

And Haliburton wasn't afraid to clap back with his own response … 


Tyrese hit Hart with the ultimate trump card. In the field of competition, there is no better insult than simply saying - Scoreboard. Indiana beat you losers, ended your season, now you're trying to stay relevant through media appearances and talking shit on instagram posts. Sad. 

Hart responded by grasping at straws, because again, Indiana ended New York's season. 

Oh, we won the same amount of games as you? Who held the Boston Celtics to the closest point differential this playoffs? The Indiana Pacers. Hang the banner. The Pacers are the second best team in the NBA. Better than the New York Knicks on the court, and more fashionable off the court.