Introducing The Song Of The Summer

The key to any great summer is to have a great anthem that comes along with it. A track that immediately gets everybody's ass shaking the moment it comes on. You couldn't go into a single bar in America during the summer of 2015 with "Cheerleader" by OMI coming on. And there was a single ass in that place that wasn't shaking at full capacity. 

I was getting a little worried because we're getting deep into the preseason right now of summer 2024, and nothing has really jumped out as a bonafide summer anthem. That's mainly due to the fact that the majority of new music these days sucks ass. Was summer 2024 about to be a wash before it even actually begins?

Not a chance. Because out of nowhere comes MC Baba, the world's first mute rapper coming out of Congo. And this track right here is a certified banger. You're lying through your teeth right now if you tell me you pressed play on that video and weren't bopping your head along. A few more listens and that ass is shaking uncontrollably. Just imagine driving to the shore for the weekend, windows down, wind ripping through your hair, and Mc Baba blasting on full volume. I'm getting all jazzed up right now just thinking about it. 

P.S. -- Just for old time's sake.