Embrace The Role: Coleman Hawkins Is Reportedly Getting $2 Million To Transfer To Kansas State, Already Shit Talking With Iowa State Fans

Congrats to Coleman Hawkins for being the richest man in college basketball this year. He played his cards perfectly. Tested the NBA waters, got his degree from Illinois and then transferred to a school late in the year who will be preseason top-25 and got roughly $2 million to do so. Not a bad gig! 

But now it's time to embrace the role. Embrace being the troll in college basketball, something Coleman Hawkins does well. He's going to catch shit all year because of this report. He's going to catch all year because he's not afraid to mix it up with fans and players. In fact, he already started: 

This is what I want. Coleman Hawkins vs Hunter Dickinson again. These are the two guys who piss the most amount of people off in the sport. It's good to have villains in college basketball. We've alway had them - mostly the annoying guys on Duke. But now we have Coleman Hawkins and Hunter Dickinson playing for rivals (again). Hell, it already started with people freaking out that Coleman Hawkins got this deal. Welcome to the new era where people who are good players are going to make money. Get used to it. 

Speaking of new era - just look at Kansas State's starting 5. They are up there for the most expensive roster perhaps this year. But this is what you have to do in a big time conference. You need to get transfers, keep guys and use NIL. It's all part of the game now. Sure, it's led to UConn just kicking everyone's ass in March the last couple years but it's also brought us Final Fours with teams we never thought would be there. The Tournament is still what matters.