Pinehurst's Brutal Greens Are Officially Breaking These Guys - We Now Have Scottie Scheffler Launching His Putter During Round 2

Who is this Scottie?!? Dude goes to jail, gets a tight fade and is now launching putters early in round 2. He's turning into the Tour's bad boy! I love it. This is what Pinehurst should be doing. It's been talked about during the broadcast but the greens are going to be flying today. It's hot, there's no rain, you already have insane bounces all over the place and now the greens are going to be flying. Also doesn't help that Scottie is struggling today. He's blowing putts, he's all over the place. But it's not just him, you had Billy Horschel yesterday: 

This is what the US Open should be. You can hit greens in regulation and grind for a par. I want to see Scottie Scheffler, on a historical type run, lose his mind over a putt like us jackasses. I don't know why we expect to make those sort of putts, Scottie is allowed to think he can. But I love the putter throw. Show some emotion Scottie! Even better was how close it was to Bob Barker's in Happy Gilmore. Almost identical. 

It's an elite move. You feel better after launching a club or ball, we've all been there. But the sneaky smart move is to adjust your pants as the club is in the air. Scottie didn't know what else to do. He was flabbergasted! How did the ball break like that! Big day for the course though. These greens are going to be concrete this afternoon.