It's A Beautiful Day To Win An NBA Championship

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

It all feels so surreal. For the last 16 years, we've been dreaming of this moment and this opportunity. A closeout game in the NBA Finals and a chance to finally win Banner 18. Years and years of getting close but falling short. Years of pain and frustration. Years of patience. It has all led to today, where the Celts are now just 48 minutes from becoming legends.


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The last day or so has certainly been a challenge. The entire world is declaring these Finals over. It's easy to fall into that given what NBA history says about situations like this, but you have to force yourself to remember that playoff series don't end at 3-0. The 4th win is the hardest to get, and trying to get it on the road against a team whose basketball life is literally on the line is certainly not easy or a foregone conclusion. Not to mention, The Extender will be in the building to play the role of the Final Boss

On a more serious note, you get the sense that the team not only understands the moment, but is ready for the moment. We've seen them be up 3-0 on the road and close out a series before, in fact, it happened just 18 days ago. It wasn't easy, it was a grind (105-102), but when it came time to step up and make enough plays to win, these Celtics found a way.

That's honestly who they've been all season long. They just find a way. Home, road, first round, second round, ECF, NBA Finals, the 2024 Boston Celtics have been the most consistently dominant team in the NBA since October. The numbers don't lie, the record doesn't lie, and the eye test doesn't lie. They have earned this opportunity every step of the way, and now is their chance to finish the job. If that doesn't give you goosebumps I'm not sure what to tell you.


By the end of tonight, Al Horford might be a champion. That alone should be enough motivation for every player on the roster to have the best game of their season. Do it for Al. And even though he's trying to downplay it because he's classy as fuck

we all know the deal. I need this for Al more than he probably needs it for himself. 

By the end of tonight, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown could very well etch their names in stone as Celtics legends. Forever. This is the jersey retirement stamp game for them. If they pull this off and close this series out, 0 and 7 are going up to the rafters when it's all said and done. Finally, they will be allowed into the club with every previous Celtics great.

Legacies could legitimately be stamped tonight. Just think about that.

This has been a journey that is over 10 years in the making. The pain of seeing Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett traded all those years ago was for a purpose, and that purpose is what stands in front of this team tonight. 

The journey to 16 wins is some of the toughest shit you'll ever live through as a basketball fan. Two years ago, that journey ended at 14. We all remember the pain that came with it. This group found a way to break past that mark, and to me I choose to believe that was the moment that told us they were ready. Their playoff scars had healed, and they had put the pieces together to make that final push over the finish line.

Which brings us to tonight's Game 4. 

This is it. This is for everything. 

Let us pray.