Sydney Sweeney's New Car Is Breathtaking

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Page Six - Sydney Sweeney’s Floridian vibes are “Immaculate.”

The “Euphoria” star has purchased a nearly $70,000 beach vehicle to go with her new $13.5 million oceanfront estate in the Florida Keys, Page Six has confirmed.

Sweeney bought the Fiat 500 Jolly, which is a cross between a golf cart and a dune buggy, from Hampton Jollys in Greenwich, Conn., and dropped $68,500 on the ride, a rep for the company tells us. The cruiser comes in 10 different colors, but the “Anyone but You” actress opted for the sky blue, which will complement the ocean on which her house sits.

TMZ also had a video of the car 

Holy shit. Listen I know when you think of Sydney Sweeney you think of her two best features…

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and one more for good measure 

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Her acting and her smile, perverts.

Anyway … 

Normally it's hard for anyone to mention Sydney Sweeney and not talk about her beauty, but if you ask me this car steals the show. I'm not even a car guy and it's the sickest thing I've ever seen. A perfect cross between a golf cart and a dune buggy. Wicker seats, the sick ass roof cover, are you kidding me? How could you not love the color too? Absolutely perfect. 

In fact, it almost makes me think anyone who has money and just bought a sick ass house themselves would be a fool not to try and buy one of these for their let's say Nantucket house. Just a thought. 

Seriously, it's my life goal to now own a car like this, absolutely fucking awesome. Imagine rolling around LBI in this bad boy?