Still The GOAT: Phil Ivey Wins Bracelet Number 11


That's the fucking GOAT right there. He put on a bucket hat and elevated his powers, winning bracelet number 11 and once again cemented himself as the GOAT.

In few competitive professions can everyone, including the people who also play it, agree on who the actual, undisputed greatest of all time is. With golf you'll get people arguing against Tiger in favor of Jack. In basketball we'll never hear the end of LeBron vs Jordan. But in poker, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would argue against Phil Ivey being the GOAT. Even his peers who battle him day in and day out have the ultimate respect for him. And tonight he won his 11th WSOP bracelet, taking down the $10k limit triple draw. 

It'd been 10 years since Phil Ivey has won a bracelet, mostly because he took a bunch of years off from playing the WSOP to focus on nose bleed cash games/getting his personal life together. In his eyes there wasn't much value in playing a tournament where first place is $300k, while that's one small pot in his high stakes private cash games. But in the last couple of years it looks like Phil has gotten the tournament bug again, probably fueled by bracelet bets so outrageous he just bankrupted someone who bet against him.

Despite that 10 year gap in bracelets Phil now sits alone in 2nd place in all time bracelets with 11, of course behind Phil Hellmuth who has 17.

It was awesome watching triple draw on PokerGo. I usually don't care for limit games, but the intricacies of this game fascinated me. These guys are so god damn good, but nobody could beat Phil.

And yes, this is who Dave (Portnoy) thinks he can battle with in the $250k. No way he backs out of that, right?? No chance he makes an excuse not to go, right?!?!