This Text Interview Between Brooks Koepka And Golf Columnist Eamon Lynch Might Just Be The Future Of Sports Journalism

There are plenty of storylines coming out of Pinehurst this week. You have the impossible conditions. We have Scottie Scheffler aiming to keep up one of the most dominant runs in a year that we have ever seen. Rory called off his divorce (and is tied for the lead after 18 holes).

But this story by golf columnist Eamon Lynch caught my eye more than all of the above. As a journalism nerd, there was no hesitation in clicking on the story at the top of this blog. 

Are there a handful of people in the media who are not the biggest fans of Brooks Koepka? Absolutely. Am I a fan of Brooks Koepka? Absolutely. PMT loyalty above everything else. So, when I see an article that combines Brooks Koepka and the media, I have to check it out. 

If you didn't read the article, the quick summary is this: Brooks Koepka declined participation in a media session after his opening round at the US Open earlier today. Lynch texted Blake asking why he made that decision, Brooks said he didn't feel like it because he hasn't gotten great questions lately, and the conversation was off and running. Here are my favorite parts of this text interview:

EL: Then what’s the first creative question you would have asked yourself after today’s round?

BK: Do you think Bermuda has made this course easier or tougher? [Note: greens on No. 2 changed from bent-grass to Bermuda-grass for this Open.]

EL: That’s not very creative. But anyway, were you pissed at the round getting away from you or happy with the even-par score?

BK: Wasn’t trying to be creative. If you want me to get creative I can. Not my job, but if I get 10 I can think of something since the media has all day. I was fine with it. Obviously could have been better but even par in a U.S. Open will not hurt you.

It's not hard to feel the tension here. Both guys did not try to hide their jabs with each other. The fact that it didn't turn sour actually makes it better. Some fireworks only adds to the entertainment.

EL: … So what are you doing post-round other than answering texts?

BK: Hanging with Crew. He just went down for a nap. Jena is working out and I’m doing my routine. Have a dip and get ready for the hockey game.

Now THAT is a routine if I've ever seen one. Hang out with your son and wife. Put in a dip. Get ready to root for your hometown P's as they look to take a commanding 3-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Final. Incredible. 


EL: Do you have a score in mind you’d like to be at Sunday evening?

BK: Yes, the best one. Tough to tell. Depends if wind picks up or it’s firmer. I’d say 4-under wins.

EL: If you have the best score, will you be doing an interview?

BK: Probably not. LOL. Who knows?

EL: That might make the media root against you.

BK: They already do.

EL: Cry me a river.

BK: I’m not asking for a pity party.

EL: Sounds a little like it.

BK: That’s a stretch. Rory didn’t talk to media at LACC [in the 2023 U.S. Open] and everyone was talking how it’s because he wants to focus. The second I do it, I’m mad at media, which isn’t true. I just didn’t want to do it. But my narrative will be I’m mad at media.

EL: Maybe you need to smile more.

BK: I’m working. When I’m finished I’ll smile.

EL: Any LIV-PGA Tour questions you’d like me to ask before you go for a nap?

BK: Not gonna nap, I’m not Crew. You’re the interviewer.

I have been on the record on PMT before saying it is a pet peeve of mine when players turn down post-game/post-round interviews. Not going to hide from that. But I 100% agree with what Brooks is saying here. Why does Rory get a pass from the media for not doing a press conference, but when Brooks does it, he's the bad guy? Is it just because of the LIV thing? Very interesting. 

Also, the tension elevated at the end of this segment. Sheesh!

EL: If you skip, we can do this again. I’m sure America needs to hear from you.

BK: Nobody really cares what I have to say.

EL: Pity party much?

BK: No, I’m being honest. Most golf fans don’t live or die on my statements. I’m not Tiger Woods or Scottie Scheffler. And Rory. Everyone else is kind of an afterthought. I’m just not oblivious. Because that’s who I would wanna hear from. I wouldn’t be one I’d want to hear from. I’m good at removing myself from the situation and understanding as a fan.

EL: We can test that theory tomorrow. Creatively, of course.

BK: Your not creative.

EL: You’re.

BK: Thanks, Dad.

Ah, the your/you're correction arrives at the US Open. But I see what Brooks is saying here. Aside from AWL's and hardcore LIV fans(?), people are rushing to hear from Tiger, Scottie, and maybe a few others. He sees it from the fan's perspective. Can't disagree with that.

Either way, this was just an incredibly fascinating conversation to read. The future of sports journalism is here.