MMA Fans In Full Panic Mode As Seemingly Everything Is Falling Apart

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If you haven't been following this whole UFC 303 saga, let me sum it up for you real quick….

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Nobody really knows what the fuck is up with Conor McGregor's return to the octagon against Michael Chandler, but something is definitely up. It seems like every time I refresh Twitter, there's a new post about whether or not the fight is on or off. I blogged the worry that it was cancelled and the relief that it was still on and the ultimate doom and gloom feeling that it's over all in one week.

Fast forward to today, and we've now got VERY negative sounding updates from Ariel Helwani….

We've also got these super confusing/teasing posts from Michael Chandler….

….but we've got complete and utter SILENCE from the UFC. 

Helwani seems to think they're waiting to announce that the main event is off until they have a brand new main event to slot into its place - and that may be Michael Chandler vs Charles Oliveira II or a completely different fight - but it doesn't sound good as far as McGregor's return. It certainly seems like he sustained an injury in training camp (despite nobody reporting that yet) and tried his best to power through it but couldn't. Fucking devastating.


Meanwhile, Khamzat Chimaev is out of next weekend's main event against Robert Whittaker and in the hospital with some sort've illness….

….and Ikram Aliskerov will fill in instead of fighting Antonio Trocoli on Saturday. Feel better Khamzat.

Oh, and did I mention the UFC 303 co-main event is fucked too?

Obviously Jamahal Hill vs Carlos Ulberg isn't as irreplaceable as Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler or anything, but this is still a huge bummer and stress on the UFC. They must be scrambling right now to rebuild UFC 303 and deliver a worthy card for International Fight Week. 


I love the idea of that rumored Brian Ortega vs Diego Lopes fight, but honestly, right now it's hard to be excited about anything.

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In the words of Fred Durst, one of the most beautiful lyricists of our generation, "Everything is fucked, everybody sucks."

I hope they just announce the McGregor fight is off sooner rather than later and put me outta my misery. Dragging us along for the ride on this emotional rollercoaster is just cruel. Hit it, Johnny….

On a lighter note - Ev and I just got to Connecticut for the PFL fights tonight and the card opened up with a nut shot/knockdown combo….

Fucking tremendous. That'll cheer me up real quick. Shoutout to the PFL for having us out tonight and look out for us in the crowd when it goes live on ESPN/ESPN+ at 9pm ET!