Pierre LeBrun Says That Kyle Davidson Has Been Working The Phones Looking For Help For Top 9 Help For Bedard

Chicago GM Kyle Davidson continues to make his calls around the league, and it’s clear from what we’re hearing from other front offices that he’s looking around for a top-six forward and perhaps a middle-six forward, too.

There’s a desire to upgrade the group and give Connor Bedard more offensive support.

But as mentioned above, Necas is among the many possibilities on the trade market. The Hawks have also targeted some UFAs on the July 1 market.

Kyle from Chicago doing some work. We've heard the rumors about Jake Guentzel. I believe them to be true (whether or not they can get it across the goal line remains to be seen, but I believe they're trying). The way this reads to me is that the Blackhawks are pursuing THREE top 9 type players this summer. Guentzel as the UFA piece and then perhaps two others via trade and/or free agency. That is exciting news. Bedard was basically the Will Smith empty room meme last season offensively and it's actually genuine now after the Hawks let a bunch of contracts expire. 

Adding three forwards and then a heathy Taylor Hall would radically transform the team. That would make anything you get from Frank Nazar this year a big thanksgiving boat of gravy. Kyle Davidson said that he wants to push forward. Well, adding multiple quality veteran players top 9 would certainly do that. They've got money and assets. 

Maybe Kyle is trying to pick off some talent from one of these teams that are still near the cap limit even with the raise to $88M. The Islanders and Wild are two teams with some cap issues who might be looking for a shake up. Carolina is in a weird spot which is why Necas has his name in million rumors including the Blackhawks. 

I am very intrigued by the "middle 6" player Lebrun says the Blackhawks are pursuing. My gut says that has to be about a center specifically. Right now they only really have Bedard and Dickinson as genuine centers. And even with that said, Dickinson and Bedard played together down the stretch a ton. I also think they know they need guys who play with more bite and competitiveness than what we saw out of the group last year. I wonder if a Ryan Hartman trade before his NMC kicks in 7/1 makes sense. If not him, a guy with that profile would be perfect. 

I've seen a lot of people asking about and speculating about Martin Necas from Carolina. The tools are undeniable. Speed for days. Big shot. Elite edges. He just seems to, I don't know how to put this delicately, not work hard consistently. Don't love his game on the boards. Seems to be the only guy on the Canes who doesn't really buy into the heavy forechecking and dogged man-to-man defense. He carries the puck a lot, which is great, but not necessarily a perfect fit for Bedard's potential wing. I've also seen it speculated that he wants to be a center. I don't think Carolina's system plays to his strengths so I am sure if he gets to a place where he can freelance a little more his numbers will be even better, but not sure he's the perfect piece at this point for Chicago. I don't know what the AAV would be for the RFA, but there's certainly some risk involved with Necas if you're looking for cornerstone pieces. The old Herb Brooks line of "were not looking for the best players, we are looking for the right players". Necas is great. Not convinced he is "right" at this point. 

I think there are going to be fireworks in Chicago this summer. I am ready for it. I want to be in the mix. I want to be excited. I want to be competitive. I think it's going to be a wild summer across the board. Marner on the move. Cap going up. Goalies getting traded. The Blackhawks won't be alone in pursuing top 9 players, but they've got more ammo than anyone. I wonder if guys like Nolan Allen, Isaak Phillips, Lukas Reichel, etc are also in play because the Blackhawks have seemingly hit some draft picks (with more coming) that would make those guys expendable in the right trade. The off-season shaping up to be fun again. Maybe one day the regular season will too.