Hilarious Video Of Chris Brown Getting Pissed Off At His Crew While Stuck Mid-Air During A Concert

Full disclosure I had no idea Chris Brown was still cookin'. Apparently so much so that he charges one THOUSAND dollars per person for post concert meet and greet photos. Regardless, he seems like such an angry little dude, which is why him getting stuck in the air mid-concert is so fucking great. Like you can see the rage start to course through his veins. Imagine how scared his crew was to go out and get him? "Dude, you go..." "Fuck that, YOU GO!" Then the second he got on his feet he started berating the guys who just rescued him.  What a nightmare. Here's another angle of the rescue...

You'd think he would've acted like nothing happened, but nope! Gotta publicly embarrass the crew that just rescued him. What an idiot. Then again, that's Chris. He never claimed to be a nice guy. Oh well. If it was me I would've left him up there. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.