New Kim Kardashian Skims Photoshoot Just Dropped And Spoiler: She's Still Throwing 100 On The Black

Listen, rent is due in the form of pageviews and I couldn't sit idly by and scroll past a Kim Kardashian thirst trap. In a world of variable, you know you're good for a few things: a Ben Simmons yearly off-season motivational post, a Mintzy fuck-up every few months, and a mega viral Kim Kardashian photoshoot quarterly. It's a constant in everyone's lives that you should learn to appreciate before it's too late.

Just look at the proof that is clearly in the pudding:

Million plus every. single. time. My favorite part about Kim instagram posts is the thousands of comments in the replies (that she willingly keeps on) calling her a bad mother, asking when the Kardashian phase will end, saying she's setting a bad example for the youth, etc. You comment, she gets richer because that's just how algorithms work and you are going to see her on your timeline whether you like it or not. Even something like getting booed in front of a live studio audience for a Tom Brady roast doesn't put a dent in her armor. 

I know Dave isn't the biggest fan of Kim because of that whole Taylor Swift drama that I'm not sure I even understand, but I think it may be time to seek forgiveness. That's what life is all about. Forgiving and forgetting, moving on for the betterment of society. He may not be that type of guy but maybe just maybe after a couple more SKIMS photoshoots we can get there. 

P.S. The cockiness to post a thirst trap with "I'D DATE ME" as the caption is special.