Matty Healy's Mom Replies To Taylor Swift Superfan Talking Shit Amidst His New Engagement

The superfan in question? ME. Holy shit. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm blown away by this. It's real, here is the link as long as it stays up:

Floored. Now, there are a few sides to this. I of course, casually throw my thoughts out on Twitter and normally don't think about the repercussions, especially when it's something like this. I'm talking some light shit on a quote tweet, and somehow Denise Welch is going through my replies and commenting on them??? INSANITY. In the middle of everything that's going on with Taylor Swift, I do believe that this random surprise engagement announcement hours before Taylor Swift's 100th eras tour show, rumored to be star studded and full of surprises….was to, quote, "ruin a sparkling summer." I don't know any of these people personally, I don't know their lives, but I know petty when I see it. When it comes down to it, whether it's the truth or not, is irrelevant. I'm just a random bitch on Twitter who loves Taylor Swift. 

Now…to be Matty's mom, going through the internet looking to get involved in stan wars on behalf of her son? I have to respect it, but at the same time, how fucking stupid. Why even get involved?? WHY TWEET THIS?? Why be the only confirmation that everything, in fact, IS about Taylor Swift? If nobody cared, she wouldn't even have been looking. If nobody cares, she wouldn't be "laughing" about it. Just an absolute zero on the scale of "what not to do when your son gets engaged weeks after the biggest pop star in the world put out an album shitting on him." Denise herself has had a pretty messy past and I'm not going to pile on here because it's clear she's just trying to have her son's back, but damn. Glass houses, girl! 

Next time Queen, try and keep the shade to yourself. Throw it in the group chat. It's not worth the national story it's about to be.