This Mother Brought Flat Stanley To The Invasion Of Iraq

This may be the craziest cross-over memory of all time. Flat Stanley was an elementary school project almost everyone had to do growing up during this time period and it's insane Flat Stanley not only made it to every vacation spot in America but also to the invasion of Iraq. Like Flat Stanley was just supposed to be taken pictures in front of whatever you did on a spring break or summer vacation. This picture of Obama is also pretty on par, you were supposed to mail them to people to take pictures with. 

I need to see more outrageous Flat Stanley photos. Btw I checked if these were AI before posting them. I want to see pictures of Flat Stanley at more historical events. I want to see if there was a Flat Stanley at the Florida polling stations when they were counting the votes to see if Bush or Gore won, or at the arrest of Bernie Madoff, or the Lehman Brothers offices. More bizarre place the better.

They gotta ban tik tok but gems like these on the app are nuts. 

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