Many People Are Saying Dave Portnoy Let Mark Wahlberg Off The Hook For Being A Fake Patriots Fan

First off, what a fucking night celebrating this man who gave so freaking many of us SO MANY memories we will cherish and never forget, for a lifetime. 

Jerry wrote a full recap coming this morning, and I’m sure when I come down from cloud 9 I will put something more deserving of a tribute to Brady. 

Now, after he was real asshole to me earlier in the night on the red carpet, I originally planned to write something similar to what Nate did. But I couldn’t lay my head down to sleep without defending my president, my boss, the leader of Patriot nation for the past 20 years. The one and only Dave Portnoy. He’s done too much for you. For me. (He once said I would be a “virgin hermit” if not for him and Barstool). For our region, our country, our teams, and really for everybody if you really think about it.

If you saw Twitter last night, or read Nate’s vicious hit piece, people are piling on our faithful leader over absolutely nothing. 

After 20 years of being the face of Patriot Nation, defending his fellow Michigan man to the point he got locked up to prove a point against an evil tyrant, publicly admiring his offspring a little too much, and basically built this entire company on the foundation that Brady laid. 

Does this not count for anything you ungrateful fucks?

Some twitter finger tough guy had the balls to tweet that “Dave makes Mark Wahlberg look like a loyal fan” now. (You remember Wahlberg famously leaving the Falcons Super Bowl in Houston at halftime when the Pats were down 28-3).

Some holier-than-thou wise asses added that he got the content he needed so he left.


All the poor guy has been moaning and complaining about for the past month is how he didn’t that shown any love from Brady, and got passed over for an invite to his Netflix roast, despite Feitelberg, Bri and Grace getting invited.

If that’s not the biggest slap in the face of all time then I don’t know what is. 

So, one could argue that the least Tom Brady could have done was invite Dave and his posse, and throw them some primo recognition in the form of a shout out during his official Patriots Hall of Fame speech at the nights crescendo.

If you ask me, after Brady’s slights of the company for years, combined with the roast snub, this shout out basically puts Brady back to even with Dave. 

And what the hell is everybody so mad about? 

Anytime you can sneak out from your roped off section table 15 feet away from Brady’s family, to go and watch an NBA Finals game 3, at a bar on route 1, you have to do it. If the man who is responsible for helping you build your empire still hasn’t spoken doesn’t matter. You have to do it. 

Like Dave said, the next banner (championship) is the best one. Know who that’s an indirect quote of?


So spare me all the bullshit Nate, and all the other haters who are whining that if this was anybody else in the company who pulled this, they’d be roasted over a spit, and probably let go. I believe it was Scott Steiner (Big Poppa Pump, ever heard of him?), that famously stated, “while you were busy learning the rules, I changed them.” 

You can’t compare Frank The Tank getting crucified for leaving Bills stadium early so he could catch a flight to this. Dave invented the internet. He won 6 Super Bowls. He creates the rules, he doesn’t abide by them. It’s apples and oranges. Find a new slant. And get a life. 

I anxiously look forward to reading tomorrow’s “Team Portnoy” official statement. #teamportnoy 

P.s. - I got to work the red carpet with Jerry last night. To say it was one of the more surreal moments of my life, getting to ask guys like Troy Brown, who I grew up thinking were larger than life and who made me fall in love with football, questions, and getting to hear Jerry dazzle these guys by recalling events and stories so intricately detailed and exact  that he sounded like Rain Man was crazy. Can’t wait to read his recap and Fasoli is staying up all night editing our video and clips to post so everybody can see them asap. For now, here were my immediate takeaways from the night: