Luka Immediately Crying About The Refs After Fouling Out Is Some Loser Shit

Tim Heitman. Getty Images.

Holy shit cry me a goddamn river. I'm not sure what the craziest part about this is from Luka. For starters, he had at least 7 fouls. He tackled Jaylen Brown in the open court and it was a no call. We all saw it. It wasn't the refs not allowing you to be physical that made you try and take a charge on Jaylen when you had 5 fouls. Talk about not understanding the situation. A play like that is 50/50 at best, and it's nowhere close to worth the risk in a close game in the final minutes. Then, if you actually do decide to take the charge, make sure you beat Jaylen to the spot and have your feet set. Luka didn't, and the right call was made.

And what is all that nonsense about not being able to play physical? What game was Luka watching? I'm not going to sit here and try and tell you Marc Davis & Co were good, because they were in fact terrible. But it wasn't because they didn't allow the teams to be physical. If anything, they let too much go. I'm not sure if Luka is aware, but these are the NBA Finals. Sounds to me like instead of taking accountability for his terrible play down the stretch in each of these games 

combined with his horrific defense at all times, Luka would rather cry to the refs. You hate to see it!

At this point I guess you have to try right? Maybe beg for a better whistle in Game 4 so you don't get swept. I'm sure Scott Foster is on the schedule so who knows, it might work! Because basketball-wise? The Mavs are cooked. There are no basketball solutions for them in this series. They got the bad Celts shooting game, they got the KP injury, and they finally got to play at home, none of it has mattered. I guess at that point I would start crying about the refs too. Ignore the fact that you actually had more than 6 fouls and were still allowed to play, it seems pretty weird to cry like this but to each their own.

The more I think about it, maybe this is actually a genius move from Luka. You know what the narrative will be tomorrow. All about these calls. Hell, SVP and Tim Legler tried to do it immediately after the game on Sportscenter. Big brain move from Luka to put that energy out there and have that be the narrative and not his play or the fact that his team is down 3-0. Nobody skates the heat more than Luka, so maybe that was his angle.

Either way, whatever. Celts are a win away from a title and ended the game talking about how focused they are 


whereas the Mavs are crying about the refs. I'd say that sums up the Finals pretty well.