Christian Pulisic Is Still Captain America - Unfortunately That Means He's Still Awesome And Saved Gregg Berhalter's Job For Now

Not gonna lie, I don't remember a friendly where it felt like a lot was at stake - mostly Gregg's job. Maybe, who knows when we're dealing with the USSF. But coming off a 5-1 ass kicking, you had to show up against Brazil and yeah it was Brazil's A-team. This wasn't some slob team or anything like that, they played their best. We played our best. 

We actually looked the part. That's the takeaway here. See what happens when talent - yes, this team is still full of talent - has the ability to showcase it? It was crisp for the most part. We weren't doing stupid things, we were playing through their early press pretty easily. Then one mistake. Let me clarify, one dumb, bad mistake. 

Don't get me wrong, Turner was fucking awesome tonight but that was his mistake. Just play the way you were playing up to that point. Don't do too much. Honestly, it's shocking we didn't have the lead before that. I still don't know how this Musah rocket didn't go in. 

Then our Captain America did Captain America things. 

Beautiful. Perfect. That's what Pulisic does for the red, white and blue. He's already in consideration for best player we've had on the national team. Not even lying, it's him, Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey right now on the shortlist probably. I'll listen to a Tim Howard argument. He should have had even more. 


For the first time in a long time it didn't feel like we had a weak showing from someone (on the field at least). Tim Ream even looked good! Scally was great. I loved what Musah and Weah did. We got 20 minutes from Adams even. I have no idea what we do if everyone is healthy, I'll say that. The midfield is loaded right now and someone is going to be left out. 

Look, this is what we should play like. We have enough talent to play with these sort of guys, even if Gregg holds us back. I'll even say it, I want us to win every match. I don't want us to lose 5-1 all the time to get Gregg out, mostly because I don't trust the USSF to make the right decision. So if we're stuck with Gregg - which we are for at least Copa America - give me something like this. A glimmer of hope against Brazil and Christian Pulisic being Captain America.