You Just Simply Cannot Get Caught Picking Your Nose On The Range At The US Open

Picking your nose is one of those things that everybody is guilty of, but we all just agree to act like nobody does it as long as you stick to picking in the comfort of your own solitude. In the car? Home alone? Ain't no thing. But when you're out in public, you get AT MAXIMUM one pick and it has to be quick. You can't be going on a digging excursion up there. 

Especially not when you're standing on the range during one of the 4 major golf tournaments of the year. Just can't do hit. Standing behind Rory McIlroy, no less. You might be able to get away with nobody noticing you during Wednesday coverage of some random tournament in May. But a US Open at Pinehurst No. 2? You either have to have the biggest lack of self-awareness of all time, or the biggest lack of "give a fuck". Both are equally troublesome. We can't be letting people like that out with the general public. If you're going to be spending 30 straight seconds with a finger shoved half way to your brain, who knows what other deranged activity you're capable of next.