The Chicago Office Would Shit On The NYC Office In Basketball

Let's just get right to it. The Chicago office would shit down the throat of the NYC team that played Kirk's team. It would be a waste of everyones time to watch us play. Even without Titus, we'd win that game by 30 points. I gave my respect to the guys who can hoop in New York, nothing I said in that video was disrespectful to anyone who gets buckets in NYC, I was simply saying that specific team would get rolled up in a russian cream backwood and get smoked. 

Which is where the Pick Central spin zone boys chimed in:

Let me start off by addressing the loud, old, scrawny man in the background. I know my role at this company: I have no say, no power. But I can assure you that I've never been asked by anybody in the NYC office to make this game happen. You think I, of all people, wouldn't want this to happen? I live for shit like this. Nothing gets me more fired up than competing with the boys. 

Now, Marty, you're 100% correct. If we simply chose 12 of the best hoopers regardless of their role at this company, the game would be a lot more interesting. Tyler is a certified bucket, Mulkayhe is a certified bucket, Dana is a certified dog, Billy is a certified big boy, and Doogs—well, no one's worried about Doog Wipes. But even you, Marty, are a bucket. Even with that said, this Chicago office would still wipe the floor with you boys.

Get your 12 and when you come to Chicago on Monday we'll find a date.