This High School Football Pregame Speech Will Have You Ready To Run Through a Brick Wall and Also Go to Church

Now that's the most perfect South Georgia high school football speech I've ever heard. Apologizing for camera being on him when he said, "Knock the hell out of 'em," saying teams from North Georgia can't compete with them and ending it with a team hymn.

Valdosta High School has actually done that song before every game for many years, so this kid didn't just come up with that on the spot. But the way he speaks and commands a room is a preacher if I've ever seen one. I'd imagine Valdosta's locker room has probably had at least one South Georgia pastor in it at all times for the last 50 years.

Twitter is claiming this guy is currently committed to UGA, but the Bulldogs' recent commit from Valdosta is a running back named Todd Robinson who wears No. 2, so that's definitely not him. It seems this is actually Justin Carter, who played at Valdosta several years ago and is now living out his calling giving out motivational speeches on social media.

I don't know if Valdosta has Justin coming back very often or not, but if he's not the designated pre-game speaker for the Wildcats, something is wrong. At a bare minimum, he needs to be leading the song before every game because that got the boys ready to go.