Backflip Fan and Taser Cop Have Some Sickkkkk Professionally Shot Photos They Can Hang In The Basement Forever


ICYMI, last night in Cincy a fan ran onto the field, did a backflip right in security's grill, and then got tased to all hell. At first I thought the fan should have been let out scot-free for executing the backflip, which despite him being an asshole also makes me really awesome. But then I concluded the blog by realizing the security guy DREAMS of the day he can light up some punk with his taser, so I think they both come out of this as winners.

What I didn't know though is how extremely correct I'd be.

Because now that I see the official, professional Getty pictures of the incident and man, Backflip Fan and Taser Cop have some photos they can hang in the basement forever. Look how awesome these are- incredible images of both guys living their best lives.

Imagine this hanging on the wall of the mancave....


Andy Lyons. Getty Images.


Right next to this…


Andy Lyons. Getty Images.


That look on Taser Cop's face says it all. Bro had real life Call of Duty to play and he wasn't going to let this opportunity slip away.

PS: The fact Taser Cop had the shot while the kid was upside down in the flip and he didn't take it is the most self-control I've ever seen out of anyway. My god, imagine the hilarity if he pulled the trigger and lit the kid up while he was in the middle of the flip. Tip of the cap for not doing it, that's professionalism baby. Would have been sweet though, like Ricochet getting super kicked mid-moonsault.

Giphy Images.