My Petition To Include SLAP CUP In The Beer Olympics

A few things. First off, it breaks my hear that Joey Yanks had the correct scoop on all resources being pulled from the Beer Olympics. 

I don't know this Joey Yanks character, but I did know that the moving of the Beer Olympics affected my own schedule with some things I wanted to attend but that's besides the point. Everyone was excited for The Beer Olympics, there were tons of A list stars scheduled to attend, a concert, it was all going to be "off the hook" as they say. All of us were rooting for it to thrive, except Joey Yanks clearly. Although, Joey shouldn't be penalized for having scoops, he's just a scoops guy. 

Anyway, I have referenced this video in the past and it's maybe my favorite random video of all time. Everything about it cracks me up. The low quality, the guy in the Austin shirt explaining the rules in the worst cowboy hat of all time, the zooming in on the 1 girl and her best "features", the awful table, their outfits, and of course my favorite part the poor bastard Baker just getting absolutely dominated the entire game.  Everything about it is people before they tried to go viral. It's organic and it's perfect. I'm amazed it has a million views, but I shouldn't be because I've watched it 10,000 times. 

I'm not even sure how you can really make this a competitive game with teams. Maybe have a table of 6 people, 3 teams and chart who gets the most slaps but I just need this energy at The Beer Olympics with a bunch of meatheads racing to get the ball in the cup and slap it before the next guy. If you think these random maniacs from Texas was entertaining, wait til you see some of the A list B List C list stars in attendance playing Slap Cup all hyped up on testosterone and adrenaline. Consider this my official pitch to add this to the Beer Olympics.