We're Doing A Sleepover At Mook's While He's Not There And The Guest List Is An Incredible Cast Of Characters

We hit the name wheel on Tuesday and Mook joked about not wanting it to hit his name. That is exactly what you shouldn't do in that situation. Mook's name wheel was a sleepover at his house, but we wanted to get creative with it. His place is on the smaller side, so he said he can fit up to four people in his apartment. We decided to wheel for the participants with the last four remaining being the sleepover guests. It turns out The Wheel has a good sense of humor...

Not only is Mook not going to his own sleepover at his own place, but the guests are a wild bunch. It's going to be:




and Malasek

What a group. Should be a great time and looking forward to seeing the videos that come out of it. Check out Tuesday's full Yak here: