Cardinals Fans Giving Paul Skenes A Standing Ovation As He Leaves The Mound As A Visitor Is Lame As Hell

My goodness, I can't believe what I just witnessed. The self proclaimed "best fans in sports" are back at it, this time they're giving opposing pitchers standing ovations. I saw a lot of "this is awesome!" or "this is why baseball is the greatest" tweets, absolutely god damn not. Last I checked you hated the opposition, you didn't wish them an ounce of success as long as they're in town. And I get it, Paul Skenes is awesome, ton of fun to watch and hopefully dominates for the next 15 years. He's a god damn stud, but we're doing standing Os for 6 1/3rds with 8 Ks? Really? I know times have been tough in St. Louis but is this how far they've fallen? I mean they're right there in the NL Wild Card race, a game out. You're gonna applaud and stand up for a rival's pitcher shoving against you? Bleh. Not my baseball fans. No sir, esp only for 8 Ks. You toss a complete game shutout, sure, I get it. No-hitter, yeah you can get a clap. Perfect game of course, but for 6 1/3rd and 8 Ks? With 5 hits? That's a perfectly good start, a quality start some would say. But it wasn't Kerry Wood's 20 K game where you throw your fandom out the window and just root on greatness, this was a good start for Skenes. Not standing O from the visitors good! 

I think this is as lame as it gets if you're a Cardinals fan. Sure it was a pitchers duel, but that makes it even more tense. And what would ya know, the Cardinals lost 2-1 to the Pirates after all of this. You think Colts fans were giving Tom Brady a standing O after marching down the field on them? Back in my day I wanted the other team to do bad, like very bad! Guess I'm old school though. Didn't really enjoy it when my team put up goose eggs against the opponent. Kind of thought the whole point everyone was at the ballpark was to watch their team win.