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Brutal - Jon Rahm Is WD'ing From The US Open Because Of An Infected Sore On His Foot, In Too Much Pain To Try And Compete

I'm not going to sit here and tell you how an infected sore has an impact on a golfer, but you CAN'T have that last line from Marty Smith's report out there. Saying you're not physically capable of winning is something that simply can't be there that week of a major. You can WD, injuries happen, whatever. But now everyone is going to be talking about the reasoning that Marty had before all the weird foot stuff. Here's the injury from the weekend: 

I know he's making millions upon millions, but this has been a season from hell for Rahm. He missed a cut at the Masters. He finished 45th at the PGA. This is a guy we expected to be in top-10s for every major basically. Now he's gotta take a WD a couple days before the US Open? Not exactly going according to plan. 

I never thought I'd read so much about a golfer's toes/foot, but here we are. This is what happens the week of a major and someone we're used to seeing at the top of leaderboards WD's. Not trying to be a Rex Ryan, but we need to see the toe. Think that's reasonable, since we saw him in a bandage today. 

Brutal though. I'll go ahead and say it, I enjoy golf when every single one of the best players are in the Tournament. Let's get that back for the Open.