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SHIT: JT Realmuto AKA The Best Catcher In Baseball Is Getting Surgery On His Right Knee

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Not good for business. Or pleasure. The Phillies have been a WAGON this season and the only thing that might stop this squad is injuries and now JT joins Trea and Marsh on the IL. It's sneaky the worst injury to have on the team, too. Between among the BCIB stat wise he is a MAJOR reason why the Phillies have the best pitching staff in the league. The man has been the "Backbone" for this team for a reason and has been the workhorse for basically all of his career. Since 2015, JT has caught 9,315 and 2/3 innings That's 1,547 and 1/3 more than any other catcher during that span. Since joining the Phillies in 2019, Realmuto's has caught 5,130 and 2/3 innings behind the plate. The second most since '19? Martín Maldonado with 4,492 and 2/3 innings with ZERO bat at the plate. Hate to see JT's knee catch up with him, but the silver lining to this injury (as well as Trea and Marsh) is they're all relatively early in the season. All the big dogs should be good to go in the second half to gear up for Red October. 

Garrett Stubbs is serviceable as a backup and a big time locker room dude, but it's certainly not ideal for him to be playing every day. But from now thru about the All-Star break they should be OK. Still, get that bat warm, Stubbsy. Gonna need you swinging that stick harder than all of us looking at you, Ranger, and everyone else celebrating after a playoff win. Do it. And do it well. 

 Get well soon, JT. Please. For everyone.