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Anything For Major Number 16 - Tiger Woods Brought His Son Charlie To The US Open To Help With His Putting This Week

It's not exactly a secret that Tiger hasn't had a ton of success in his limited tournaments. But that doesn't matter, it's still Tiger fucking Woods. He'll always be Tiger Woods to those of us who grew up with him in his prime. Now it's about competing at majors when he can. Don't you dare tell him he can't, don't you even think about it for one second. 

You can make jokes about using his 15-year old son Charlie for help, but it's genius. Look at what he said. No one has seen Tiger Woods hit more golf balls in the world than his son Charlie. Why not use him to your advantage? Feel young, play young, or at least 2019 Tiger Masters young. Charlie knows all about putting too. 

That's from 6 months ago. He can help! At least that's what I'm convincing myself because I want one more Tiger run. That's all. Okay, maybe 3 more just so we see him get the record. Plus this would be a some things moment and we know how important that is. You win with your son inside the rope as player support and we're looking at one of the biggest some things moment for Tiger. All I know is if Tiger thinks it's a good idea to bring Charlie inside the ropes, it's a great idea.