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Nicole Kidman And Sandra Bullock Are Bringing Back "Practical Magic" For A Sequel

I am absolutely over the moon hearing this information. Practical Magic is a classic Halloween movie (but should be watched at all times of the year) where two sisters, played by Sandra and Nicole come from a family of witches. Sandra's character had stifled her magic, while Nicole mostly does the opposite - together they have to come together and embrace their witchiness to defeat the bad guy....A MAN! That's all I'll say without giving too much away about the movie. Though, it did come out in 1998 so I'd say its about time you check it out. 

Apart from the fact that bitches be loving witch movies, Practical Magic is one of those cult classics where the scenery, details and home itself are just as much a part of the story as the characters are. The fanfare for the "vibe" and "mood" of PM is extensive, and I myself have personally based a lot of my own personality off of Nicole Kidman's character - hair included. 


I know Summertime has barely begun, but with this news, my sights are moved to Halloween. I'm ready to get the velvet back out, light a bunch of candles and start doing rituals by moonlight.