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A California 2nd Grade Teacher With A BAC 2x The Legal Limit Will Not Face Charges Because "It's Not Illegal To Teach Drunk"

So the way this story goes is that a fellow staff member reported that they believed this 2nd grade teacher was teaching drunk, and the investigation began. The investigation went on for several months, and while they cannot determine if the teacher drove to work drunk or if she became drunk at the school, one thing they have concluded is that her Blood Alcohol Content level was two times the legal limit while she was teaching the 2nd graders. For reference: 2nd graders are generally 7 or 8 years old. 

ANYWAYS, the update on this story is that the teacher will NOT be charged with a crime here as, and I'll let the Sutter County District Attorney say it:

"It is not illegal to teach drunk," said Sutter County District Attorney Jennifer Dupre. "I certainly don't support anyone teaching drunk, but I can't charge anyone criminally," she said.

Wait WHAT? You're telling me that for the past decade, I could've pregamed the school day and taught under the influence? Damn, if that were the case I probably would've stayed in the classroom. Currently weighing the options between sitting in the Gambling Cave sober and sitting in the Teachers Lounge drunk. Tough call. Then again, even after reading the District Attorney's statement, I still don't believe it. No fucking chance that you can show up to work drunk and just continue to teach Math and English to a bunch of kids, only to then go to the bathroom and piss all over the floor like you would do drunk at a bar. That just can't be true. But apparently it is? Apparently teaching while drunk can be against the Conduct Code of Educators, meaning they can be disciplined for it, it's not actually illegal.

So in California, you're tell me that you can't......

…..but you can teach drunk? Look I'm not one to tell our highly valued Politicians how to do their job, but perhaps we should focus less on the policing of Silly String and maybe invent a rule that says you can't teach drunk?