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Would You Rather Play One Round As Scottie Scheffler Or One Game As Patrick Mahomes?

As a former high school football player and a post-college 20 handicap, I must say I was extremely surprised by the results of this poll. As much as I love golf, never in a million years would I pass up on the opportunity to be Patrick Mahomes for a game rather than play a round of golf as Scottie Scheffler. Don’t get me wrong, playing a round as Scottie would be iconic. Do you have any idea how refreshing it would be to tee off for 18 holes and at worst lose one ball? Every time I play, I’m using 8-9 balls minimum. Of course, I’d give my left nut to hit the ball like Scottie for a day, but over an NFL game as Patrick Mahomes? Get the fuck out of here. There’s a huge gap between being the world's number one golfer and being the best QB in the NFL.

Maybe it’s because I’m a team guy, but being in the locker room with the fellas, calling the plays in the huddle, throwing a touchdown pass, and celebrating with the boys is far more exciting than hitting a 15-foot birdie putt and giving a cheeky wave to the crowd. We’re talking about Patrick fucking Mahomes, not some scrub QB who can’t extend plays with his legs or can barely throw the ball 50 yards. We’re talking about outrunning edge rushers, wrist-throwing the ball 75 yards in the air, no-look passes, and the limitless amount of highlight plays that can be created. Hitting a putt on 18 to win a tournament is great, but it doesn’t compare to a game-winning drive in an NFL game.

In golf, you play for yourself. In football, you play for your team, your coaches, your family, and most importantly, your city. I’d much rather go out there and make plays knowing that I can make an entire city feel better about themselves going to work on Monday morning than a select few people who bet on me to win a tournament.