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This Guy Who Ran a Half Marathon Hours After Getting Plastered Might Be the Greatest Athlete Alive

Yeah, he's him.

When you turn on an NBA or NFL game and marvel at what the supposedly greatest athletes in the world are able to do, those guys have been fine tuning their bodies perfectly for years to be able to perform like that. And especially in the days leading up to a game, they're using their private chefs and team nutritionists to make sure they're in absolute peak physical condition.

If LeBron put down 14 drinks the night before a game, it would unquestionably be followed up with a load management day and thousands of disappointed kids who thought they'd get to see the greatest basketball player of all-time. This guy got up a few hours after getting hammered, put on his running shoes and finished a half marathon the next morning because he's built different.

Never underestimate the power of the 29-year-old American male. All you need is a little bit of delusional confidence and you can do basically anything.