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New Investment Strategy Unlocked: Girl Uses "Tarot And Intuition" To Get A 21% Return In Just 8 Minutes By "Trusting My Higher Self"

Let me start off by saying that we need to let "blonderichwitch" cook. We hear a lot about manifesting in life, whether that's to your dream job, maybe starting a family, moving cities, changing careers, etc. It seems like a pretty powerful way to live your life if you can fully buy in and believe in what you're saying. So why not use the Ace of Cups which represents abundance to get a 20% gain in mere minutes?

Hedge funds were shaking in their boots for Roaring Kitty. All he did was post a couple of memes, turn $50k into what was a billion dollars at one point, and just repeat "I like the stock" a zillion times. So imagine what they're now doing because Blonde Rich Witch is tapping into her higher self? True nightmare fuel for those crooks over there. You can't halt astrology. I won't even mention that she's not even really blonde but that doesn't matter because she's out trading you and everyone you know. I did some more research on her profile and if you told me I could be making an extra 5 grand a month at 25 from astrology I'd have some ice to sell you as Dave would say:

Imagine the look in boardrooms when you say "This is my quant. My financial advisor. Her name is Blonde Rich Witch. She's one of the most underrated traders in the market simply by using her higher intuition. Her only defect is that she doesn't even look at charts." 

The era of Wall Street fortune tellers are here and I'll be damned if I miss generational wealth like Bitcoin in 2012. I'm bought in. More to come.