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I Saved Rico's Job And Gus's Life Last Night

Look I didn't want to take all the credit for saving Rico's job as well as this dude Gus's life but Nate is the editor in chief and he told me to write a blog taking all the credit so I have to. 

I woke up with a fever and I am sick as hell. I lowkey am roommates with a preschool teacher so I am always getting sick nowadays. Preschool kids get sick ALOT. But the people need to hear the story of Rico Bosco about to kill Gus. Game was chippy from the start. Off camera Kirk Minihane threw the basketball at me when my back was turned to start the whole thing then just started yelling at me that everyone hates me was pretty wild. Minihane was going hard after me. I caught a fist to the face from him in the first quarter. Team Kirk literally flopped from the JUMP. Like legit from the jump they were flopping. Like the dude goes to jump and just flops. 

So fast forward to the Rico situation. Rico dishes me the ball in the post I throw him the bounce pass for the layup. It was a dope sequence and I was hyped he got the and one. I was running towards him to hype him up, I didn't see what happened because I was looking for the rebound. Once I saw the ball go in I ran over to Rico to hype him up but then saw he was yelling at this dude "I HAVE A FAMILY" and about to lunge on him. So I grabbed the dude after he got a shot in and took him away from the situation. 

Look one, Rico was about to bite Gus's jugular out and murder him with his barehands. I didn't see what happened and in those situations best thing to do is just wrap up your dude and get him out of there. Seeing the clip though I had no idea it was that bad. 


Rico got face planted and busted up pretty bad. It would have been totally justified for Rico to knock out Gus. Rico showed restraint though. I mean thank god I grabbed him.

This was Gus's dm to me on the situation. 

Apparently he was trying to take a charge and bailed. It was a weird situation. I think he actually just didn't know what to do. 

Should I have just let Rico attack him? It may have cost him his Job and Gus's life but who knows.