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Amazon's Incredible Satirical Superhero Show 'The Boys' Will Officially Be Coming To An End After Five Seasons

Jasper Savage. Shutterstock Images.

One of the biggest issues that plagues a great TV show is how to end it. It's so hard to decide to walk away from a piece of content that constantly delivers, but you then run the risk of something like Suits, The Office or 24 where you remember how bad the later seasons were. So many times the heads of whatever network or platform it's airing on will push for the crew to continue so that the money machine keeps churning. Well, today the creator of Amazon's hit superhero show 'The Boys' announced that everything will come to an end after Season 5. 

Season 4 debuts on Thursday, so that means we've got 16 episodes left to this story. While that's sad to hear, I think it's 100% the right move. In my blog about the trailer for Season 4 I predicted that S5 would mark the conclusion of the series. 

I personally think the quality of the show has yet to dip, and that's fantastic. Ending this in five will avoid anyone complaining about a drag in the writing/plot and instead deliver us a conclusion filled with spectacular chaos. If they tried to continue the story after the deaths of Billy and Homelander it would fall flat on its face. And I don't mean to say that as a spoiler, I have no idea how this goes down, but I would assume with Billy's terminal sickness and Homelander being the main villain that's where we're headed. Here's what the creator, Eric Kripke had to say about the two characters and how they impact the life of the show. 

(Variety) I think they can and should continue. “The Boys” story is about Butcher and Homelander and these two planets crashing into each other and this particular story doesn’t work without both of them. And you can only keep that going for so long. So what I would say is, this particular story is ending, the Butcher-Homelander is ending. But there can be other stories and other corners of the universe. And hopefully, it’s vibrant and perverted enough to allow for those stories. So hopefully, “Gen V” continues, hopefully, a couple other things we have in development continue.

Selfishly I'm happy this is ending so that Karl Urban and Antony Starr free up to do more big projects. Yes they were names in the industry before 'The Boys' started ripping, but now they're stars. Anything they want to do should be given a green light.  

If you've read this far and haven't watched 'The Boys' well first of all fuck you, and second go watch it now. If you've never seen Banshee (Starr's first big break) go watch that as well. Fuck you again.

Here's the trailer for S4. See ya Thursday, cunts.