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'The Only Thing That Could Keep Him From Winning Was Being In A Jail Cell' - Rory McIlroy Accurately Describing How Dominant Scottie Is Right Now

He's not wrong. Sure he might be making a joke but it's 100% accurate. Look at Scottie's recent run. The only time he hasn't won recently was when he was arrested or facing a felony charge. Still finished top-10 in those, which sounds good until you remember that's probably a disappointment for Scottie. That's how fucking dominant he is right now. 

Now we're heading to major number 3 and Scottie is clear of charges. He's already a ridiculous favorite. 

We're also looking at carnage this week. For the love of all things holy give us carnage. 


I want it to be like 2005 and no one finished under par. We saw the scoring at the PGA. Give us something different. I don't even care that everyone as on fire at the PGA. I want a mix every single week out there. Some places play easy, some places a bogey is a win. That's what I want this week. 

Again, we're witnessing one of the most dominant runs in golf we've ever seen. It's right there with peak Tiger. It's not even insane to think what Rory is saying is completely accurate and what basically every player has to be thinking right now. Scottie is going to win unless he's in jail, then he's just going to compete and put pressure on everyone.