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We Got A Rear Naked Choke And TAP OUT In The Stanley Cup Final Last Night

MMA is everywhere these days! From the octagon to the streets to the ice!

We got a god damn rear naked choke and TAP OUT in last night's Stanley Cup Final game between the Oilers and Panthers! Aaron Ekblad sunk this one in right under the chin of Evan Bouchard, and I'm not gonna lie - I'm a little disappointed in Bouchard for tapping! I've heard tons about how #HockeyTough is the only way to be when you lace up those skates, but that ain't very hockey tough to me! There ain't no tapping in hockey just like there ain't no crying in baseball! You gotta commit to blacking out before tapping out if you wanna uphold that reputation. Go out swinging, like Holly Holm!

While I've got ya here, I midas whale show you this Looney Tunes ass edit from the Makhachev/Poirier fight….

UFC edits like that one (or Derrick Lewis throwing a flying knee from a unicycle) have gotten insane lately, but they truly make me laugh every time.