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Coming Next Monday: Mintzy Madison (Episode One: 1st Grade)

So back on my second day at the company (can't believe it's only been three months today), I took Ben Mintz out on a dinner date. Well, he actually took me on the date.....I just ended up paying for it. Anyways, if you recall, I pitched Mintzy on a few content ideas, hoping to be able to catch a ride on the wave of life that is the Mintzy Business. And the best one, by far, was remaking the plot of Billy Madison.

Picture this: I teach Mintzy a lesson, on camera, starting in Kindergarten. I'll dress up in my teacher garb of a shirt and tie, and we'll stick him in a little desk like the ones that kids have to sit in. Each week, I teach one lesson, and then he takes one test. If he passes the Kindergarten test (which I'm not sure the man can use scissors, let alone color between the lines), then he moves on to 1st Grade the next week. And then if he passes his basic Addition and Subtraction facts in 1st grade, we can move him on to some Reading Comprehension in 2nd grade.

I can already see it now. Ben Mintz, after a month, will have made the 3rd Grade, where he'll unironically say, "1st and 2nd Grade were easy, but Social Studies, Division? This is going to be tough!". And then can you imagine when he finally gets into the later grades….? I don't know, you guys, I'm just a blogger, but this sounds like a fucking Must See video each week. And with people looking for longevity in these types of series, you gotta think this could literally take years. How long will it take Ben Mintz to pass an 11th Grade AP Literature exam? And then he has to move on to Calculus! You know what, I may go see if Hank thinks this idea is funny today. 

Anyways, the day I released the recap blog, Mr. Cat overheard me telling the audiobook version, and he said wait, come on The Yak and share this please. I did so, and then afterwards, he casually walked by and said, "Yo, actually do the Billy Madison one." 

Fast forward through the month long vacation that Mintzy took, and here we are:

^ Hopefully Twitter doesn't take this down….again. Turns out they didn't like Ben saying the Mintzy word, even though we bleeped it out. Let me say this: they probably would've REALLY hated if we went through with the plan of using Cameo to hire a special needs person to call him…..nevermind. Point being, it was $125 for a 60 second video. A lot better than bagging groceries! And to be honest, I may look into adding a chromosome if that's the going rate.

Anyways, Episode 1 is officially done. It will come out on Monday. And let's just say this: he is who we thought he was.

The format of the series is as follows:

- Teach him a lesson with activities, release a video.

- Mintzy will take a test, live on stream, with another Barstool employee. We hope to utilize the chat in grading the test.

- If he passes, he moves on to the next grade. If he fails, he has to repeat the grade.

See you guys Monday.