The National Media Has Gone Full Melted Brain By Now Suggesting That Brad Stevens Building A Well Rounded Team Means He Thinks The Two Best Players Suck

There are a lot of things to enjoy about the Celtics current playoff run. They're 14-2, have won 9 straight, and sit just 2 more wins away from reaching the top of the mountain and becoming champions. At the moment, things are good. 

Aside from the basketball part, one thing that has been so fun about this run is watching the brains of the media melt at every turn. It's happened after every game, every round, it's almost as if they can't help themselves. At first it definitely triggered me, as tension was high heading into the playoffs given everything that stake. But as time went on and the takes got more and more insane, my triggering turned more into laughter. 

There's something unique about this team that just does something to these people. I'm not really sure what it is, but at this point there's no denying it. You can't go a day without the narrative around this team being something completely insane, and just when I thought I had seen/heard it all, I came across perhaps the worst and most insane take to date from the national media in regards to the Boston Celtics.

See for yourself

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This is it. This is the Final Boss of melted brain media takes. 

Forget the fact that the Celtics are actually up 2-0 in the Finals. Listen to how Jayson Tatum is being talked about all because he's in a shooting slump. It's bananaland stuff. It's weird seeing a team led by Jayson Tatum? What? 

Remember, this is the player they are talking about here


So right off the bat, you can see how bizarre his discourse is around a player who despite his shooting struggles is still putting up 17.5/10.0/8.5 a night with plus defense while being the engine of the entire system.

But that Tatum comment isn't the point of this blog. That's a fairly common take that a lot of these melted brain media personalities go to, even though it makes no goddamn sense. 

No no, the worst part is what came next.

Brad Stevens, whose job it is to do whatever he can to improve his team, added Jrue Holiday and Porzingis because he doesn't believe in his two best players? That he thinks they are not good enough so he had to go out and get better players?

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I'm not kidding, that is legitimately the most idiotic Celtics take and maybe even basketball take in general that I have ever heard. To say it with a straight face and think you've done something…I mean wow.


Let's just break this down for a second.

So, if Brad Stevens actually believed in his two best players, he would do everything in his power to NOT add good players to his roster? In a league where every single GM's sole purpose is to try and add talent and find the right mix of players, Brad Stevens should have done the opposite. Because by making trades to build a well rounded roster, what he's actually saying is that the doesn't think his two best players are good enough and that they actually stink. Forget the whole giving Jaylen Brown $300M part (and soon to be Tatum as well), Brad Stevens clearly doesn't believe in his two best players. Forget the part where Brad himself said the whole point of his offseason was to maximize the skillsets of his two best players. Nope, it actually means he thinks they stink.

What in the actual fuck?

Serious question, who else gets talked about like this? So when the Mavs traded for Kyrie, was that the team's way of saying they didn't believe in Luka or that he wasn't good enough? When the Bucks traded for Dame, did their GM not believe in Giannis? When the Lakers trade for their 3rd star, is that because LeBron actually stinks? When the Warriors brought in KD, was that because Bob Myers didn't think Steph was good enough?

When the Celtics traded for Bill Walton and Dennis Johnson, did that mean that Red Auerbach didn't believe in Larry Bird? How about when the Bulls traded for Dennis Rodman? Surely that meant that MJ and Pippen were dogshit. When the Heat brought in the Big 3, was that because Wade wasn't good enough? When they then went and added Ray Allen, was that because the Big 3 wasn't good enough?

Do we all see how utterly INSANE this is? 

According to these bozos, a GM doing what they can with the resources they have available to build the best team possible actually means the stars stink. Well, that is of course if the stars play for the Boston Celtics. 

When I say there is something about this team that melts the brains of these people, this is what I'm talking about. Now the Celtics and their stars are getting dinged for…..the GM acting like a team that has the goal of winning the NBA title? 

At the same time, we're already hearing about how Luka Doncic needs more help. Well, wait a minute. Bringing in help or other talented players apparently means the stars aren't good enough I thought, but then also these same people tell me Luka is the best in the world, so now I'm all confused.

So you see, building a well rounded basketball team with virtually no weaknesses is #actuallybad. It shouldn't be praised or looked upon as savvy front office work. No no, what it actually means is the GM doesn't think highly or doesn't believe in their best players. Because if they did, they wouldn't add talent to the roster. That's what we're being told here.

I know there are some that may say this is all just playing into what these people want, and sure maybe that's true. But this shit also has to be documented. Because make no mistake, if the Celts are fortunate enough to win 2 more games, all of these assholes are going to flip the script and pretend like this stuff never existed, and I just cannot let that happen.