Buster Olney's Twitter Account Got Hacked By A Solid Troll That Is 100% A Philly Fan

So Buster Olney's Twitter account with well over a million followers was hacked last night and the chances of the culprit being a Philadelphia fan currently rests at 1000000%. But I don't see no Jawn, wooder, or overall snowballs/batteries being thrown in the Tweets, how do know it's from a supporter of Brotherly Love? When you know, you know. And when you see imaginary announcements about sending one of the most prized OF on the market to the Phillies while shipping Fransico Lindor to the A's, you know: 

Prison panty delivery? Sure, why not. Oh, and the I hate METS doesn't seem necessary while also 100% necessary. Props for almost being completely literate. Even tho once the Lindor Tweet was sent everyone knew the account was hacked. You think the A's are acquiring ANY sort of assets to help their squad? HA. That's the biggest dead giveaway since Sir Charles Ramsey went viral in these internet streets (over 10+ years ago…Christ I'm old). It honestly would've been more of a realistic announcement to send Lindor to the California Penal League to play with Ricky Vaughn. 

Not too shabby of a troll job, fine chap. Nobody got hurt and everyone had a few laughs. Little harm, no foul.  Good on Buster for getting his account back. Letting the hack job go on for over 24 minutes aside, the dude has usually been on point.