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Dan Hurley Is The True King Of Connecticut: Getting Free Wings, Pizza, Hot Dogs And Kielbasa For Life Because He Humiliated The Lakers

No need to rehash Dan Hurley turning down the Lakers job. We know he embarrassed them, made them look desperate and turned them down to come back to UConn. But what we did find out is more of a reason why. Forget the chance to 3-peat for the first time since John Wooden. Forget the fact that he'd be moving across the country and he's a northeast guy. Nope, it's this offer right here: 

I don't care that he's getting $50 million or so from UConn to keep coaching there. You start getting free food, especially something as delicious as wings and you're living right. I said it before, but there's something that just tastes better when you add free in front of it. Doesn't matter if you're saving like $15-20 each time you go, the free factor can't be overstated. Not to mention the fact that Andrea is getting free tacos. Forget free agency, transfers, NIL collectives, anything else. Andrea Hurley is the most powerful person in basketball. She's a major reason the best coach in college basketball is staying at UConn. 

If that's not enough we got pizza involved too: 

Oh and hot dogs and kielbasa 


You're getting a little bit of everything just for re-building a dynasty. Can't argue with that. Oh and as for wings, I don't care about flats vs drums. Both are delicious, breaking news I know. But they also seem to have something called dirt wings which sound delicious. Fried, sauced and then fried and sauced again. Yep give me some of them in their original buffalo sauce and you're having a good night. Especially true if you go blue cheese over ranch. 

Get to make the Lakers look desperate, reject them and LeBron and return a hero to free food. Life ain't too bad for the Hurley's right now. Just keep that seat at MSG warm for whenever Thibs leaves. 

Oh and as for the Lakers, things seem to be going well: