Canadians Everywhere Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves At How Bad They Are At Their Own Game

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

At some level, deep down inside, Canadians have to really regret inventing hockey. It has to be such a miserable existence to see the sport you gave to the world completely stripped away from you like this. It would never happen in America. You could give Canada an NFL franchise right now and they'd never win a Super Bowl in a million years. But somehow, some way, Canada is about to keep this 30+ year Stanley Cup drought going. 

Hell, from the looks of it right now there's a good chance this series is over by the weekend. The Oilers have already resulted to just trying to hurt as many Panthers as possible to get back into this series. 

Maybe they should focus on trying to play some actual hockey, but that clearly isn't in the gameplan for Edmonton. 

It's just hilarious because this will be the 2nd time in a row now that a Canadian organization has lost the Cup to one of the southernmost teams in hockey. Florida can hardly even create their own snow, let alone a sheet of ice. And now the Habs lost to the Lightning in the 2021 Cup Final, and the Oilers are about to get completely emasculated by the Panthers in 2024. 

Let's not even talk about the stretch from 2004-07 that Canadian teams went on. Calgary lost to Tampa Bay in '04. '05 was a lockout year. Edmonton lost to Carolina in '06. And then Ottawa lost to Anaheim in '07. Florida, North Carolina, and California. Not your typical hockey hot beds, but I guess neither is Canada anymore these days. 

And usually when this discussion gets brought up, Canadians love to talk about how great they are at the international game. When a team is filled with just Canadians playing against every other hockey playing nation in the world. The only issue is…well the Czechs just won the World Championship. The United States just won the World Juniors. The biggest tournament Canadians were able to win this year was the ladies squeaking out a 6-5 overtime win against USA at the IIHF World Women's Championship. So at least they have something to keep them going. 

Also--they love to bring up the fact that American teams only win the Stanley Cup because of the Canadian players on their roster. But Sasha Barkov is Finnish, Matthew Tkachuk is American, Sergei Bobrovsky is Russian, and Sam Bennett was born in a sewer somewhere. So thanks for coming out, Canada. You get absolutely nothing.