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Aaron Judge Might Actually Be The Best Hitter We've Seen Since Barry Bonds

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

It's truly unbelievable to watch Aaron Judge play baseball these days. He's somehow gotten better than his MVP year back in 2022. Let's run through some numbers

It's June 10th. Since May 1st his slash line is .398/.522/.976. Yes, he's slugging .976. His OPS in that 36 game span is 1.498. 

Judge's season OPS+ is 217. Meaning he's 117% better than the league average hitter. 

I know batting average is not as popular as it used to be, but to me it still means something. Judge leads the sport in homers with 24 while also posting a .305 batting average. That's also after a brutal month of April where he hit .207. He essentially used April as an extended spring training. The fact that his numbers are where they're at despite a month of his powers being offline is terrifying. 

Since the beginning of his MVP season the numbers are simply video game-esque. 

His wRC+ this season would rival Bonds, Mantle, and Ted Williams if he kept it up. 

He's not as good as Barry Bonds. No one ever will be. Bonds did this shit for years on end with no let up at all. But at Judge's peak there's no one who can really hold a candle to him. No one since…well, Bonds. 

When it's all said and done, Judge's career stats will be underwhelming since he didn't debut until he was 24 years old. He also lost 100 games of stats because of the covid shortened season and then a good chunk more due to injuries. If he was able to get going at a younger age and avoided that missed time we might be talking about the all-time home run lead being in jeopardy down the road.  


Just a special, special player who I don't take granted for a second when I watch him play. Does he need to have one of these surges in October? No doubt about it, but regardless you cannot deny the all-time talent we're watching on a daily basis here. The fact that he's got Soto hitting above him is unbelievable. Thought maybe without Juan this weekend against the Dodgers that he'd get very few pitches to hit. Instead he went 7 for 11 with 3 homers. All of this being done in a year where offense is way down. 

Guy is a sicko.